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Description of Simtrek STAR TREK Watch Face & Widget Free

A FREE face for Android Wear and Widget (like live wallpaper) that simulating the screen of STAR TREK TOS LCARS.

It has Battery chart, Google Fit chart, Weather forecast and compass that show the direction and distance.

Widget can be used without Android Wear.

Indicators are all live and functional like a real equipments.

* Regardless of the shape of the WEAR, you can choose the round/square face display from the setting application.

[You can use these way]

* If you choose your home as the destination, you can immediately see the distance and direction to your home on the go.

* Since you can set / reset the number of steps individually for this face, you can measure the number of steps of a trip over or travel several days apart from Google Fit.

* Weather information is automatically linked with GPS position information.

* In the FREE version, tap operation on Watch (WEAR) is disabled.

* Even in the FREE version, widget and the setting preview screen of the telephone (companion) can be operated in the same way as the FULL version.

Watch face function :

Watch mode :

Stopwatch mode :

Convenient function to read the measured time into distance and hour speed is attached.

Compass mode :

In addition to the compass, the time when the last GPS position was confirmed is also displayed.

If you set the destination in advance, it will show the direction and distance in addition to the compass.

Weather information mode:

Weather information / forecast of current location will be acquired from Yahoo! Weather and displayed.

Chart mode:

Wear and Phone battery chart, Google Fit steps and expended calories chart are available.

Operations of Square watch face :

By tapping the time display area, the compass / step count area, or the weather information display area, the screen mode changes.

Tap the clock display part in each mode to return to the original screen.

Operations of Round watch face :

By tapping the indicator on the left, the text display area at the lower right will change.

By tapping the text display area with each text display area, the mode of the whole screen changes.

Tap the upper center of the screen to return to the original screen.

Operations for stopwatch :

Replacement display column switches to the next mode each time you tap.

Telemeter (Distance meter by sonic speed)

This display shows the distance that sound velocity can reach with.

Tachymeter (Hour speed, Number of produced)

By measuring the required time when traveling 1 km with a stopwatch, you can see the approximate average hourly speed.

Types of Indicators :

* 12/24 hour display [0-24H]

* Stopwatch in operation [STPW]

* Data communication between the watch and the telephone (send / receive) [DATA]

* Battery status (Charging [CHRG], Discharging [DISCHRG], Unknown (UNKN)

* Battery remaining (Medium remaining [MID], Low remaining [LOW])

* Compass target is available [TRCK]

* You faces the compass target direction [HDG]

* Compass target approaching (Mid distance [NEAR], Close distance [CLSE])

* Achieve step count goal (Small goal [TIER1], Large goal [TIER2])

* Battery level bar (only in round face mode)

* GSM/LTE Signal Strength 

* Second and Third timezone. [TZ 2][TZ 3]

* Battery level bar (only in round face mode)

This face support Android Wear watches, Moto 360, TAG Heuer Connected, Fossil Q Founder, SONY Smartwatch3, ASUS ZenWatch, Huawei Watch, LG Watch Urbane, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

Important notice :

If there is an original power saving setting of each smart phone, it is necessary to exclude "Simtrek Watchface" from the operation restriction subject.

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